The CBIF offers help:
Situations of crisis
psychosomatic disorder
feelings of isolation
psychological problems
educational problems
school problems
difficulties at the workplace
It may help to talk.

Please give us a call: (01) 982 03 94

Valid agreements with the following health insurance funds:
"Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse" and "Betriebskrankenkasse der Austria Tabak".

The Center for Binational and Intercultural Couples and Families (CBIF) was founded in 1995 as a non profit association.

The target group consists of people living in Austria who are from another culture or nationality, as well as bicultural couples and families.

The multicultural team consists one general practitioner and one psychologist both graduated psychotherapists, a social worker and a teacher and counselor.

More than 5 million people in the EU are married or living with a partner from a different country than their own.

Bicultural couples often face isolation. Acquaintances and friends may have critical opinions. In order to enhance cultural multiplicity it is necessary to improve society’s awareness and understanding.

The objective of this center is support, psychotherapy and counseling in all kinds of questions, problems and difficulties arising from migration and intercultural communal life in and outside the family.