Transcultural counseling and psychotherapy
The intercultural encounter belongs more and more to every day life in the psychosocial field. Language barriers and communication problems must be overcome.

For a therapeutic success it’s important to take into account the traditions, values, cultural views and behaviours.

The goal of this curriculum is broaden intercultural competence in the psychosocial field. It includes a theoretical part on the migration proces, intercultural communication, specific cultural concepts, traditions and a practical part on useful interventions from different intercultural topics.


This curriculum consists of two parts, altogether 12 seminars covering 2 years with a concluding certificate.

In the basic seminars, part I, practical and theoretical issues are taught.

The secondary seminars, part II, deal with special themes of transcultural counseling and psychotherapy.

Part I : Basisc seminars
Seminar 1:
The individual and social migration process
Seminar 2:
Culture and traditions
Seminar 3: Intercultural communication
Seminar 4: Specific areas of stress in daily life
Seminar 5
Relating the unfamiliar in the psychosocial field
Seminar 6:
Intercultural networking and multicultural teams
Part II : Secondary seminars
Seminar 7:
The cultural idea of sickness
Seminar 8:
Intercultural encounter, introduction
Seminar 9:
Tensions in the family
Seminar 10:
Monocultural versus bicultural couples, children between cultures
Seminar 11:
Possibilities and limitations
Seminar 12:
The meaning of language and working with interpretors
Target groups: Counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, doctors etc
Trainers: Bittner Josef, Dr., Vienna
Blom Ulrike, Dr., Vienna
Hegemann Thomas, Dr., Munich
Kann Viktor, Dr., Graz
Krause Britt, Dr., London
Schey Leonardo, Lic. Psych., Vienna
Thomas Lennox, London
Tuna Soner, Dipl. Psych. Göttingen
Start: 1st Seminar of the basic seminars: autumn 2000
Location: CBIF, Märzstraße 43/2/11, A- 1150 Wien
Organised by: CBIF - Center for Binational and Intercultural Couples and Families
ÖGATAP - Österreichische Gesellschaft für Autogenes Training und allgemeine Psychotherapie
Information and registration: CBIF
Märzstraße 43/2/11, A- 1150 Wien
Phone: (01) 982 03 94